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  1. Wrong again, but with my identity being hidden, I could be anybody. I could even be a member of your group pulling this prank on you, but you keep insisting that I'm this dude that does eskrima. This is soo funny, I can't really believe that you would even have all of this announced on an even larger internet scale of website. Oh, well, I'll see you on our scheduled Saturday.
  2. OK "the1", or should I call you "sean michael", you have indeed messaged me on Bullshido. Let the fun begin, the thread for this debate of yours is here:
  3. You have been doing Martial Arts off and on since 1988? WOW!! Your parents must be very proud of you. Your skills, techniques and instructorship (if any) looks like it came from a cracker jack box. You hand random people these stupid Medieval weapons and then tell them to spar, it's like putting a blind fold on someone and tell them to drive.
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