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  1. lolololol
  2. Hilarious " **** you I,m an anteater!" moose,s new catch phrase.
  3. Yeah it was but I was bieng an idiot. thanks dude.
  4. was it a neg rep? Because, i mean, those aren't really important.

    lol. <3 yeah, we good dawg, we good
  5. Umm I think I owe you an apology. Since it seems like you dont what you did. you sent me a message telling me to **** off. I didnt know why. maybe you meant it for someone else? sorry my bad, are we good?
  6. ??????
  7. yOU POISIONED MY JACKALOPE!!!!! he,s DEAD. thanks alot. He was so young.
  8. **** you has well. I really dont see how I deserved that. Dont really care so take this a mutual acknowledgement of general fucktardom.
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