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  1. Wanted to find out -- If there's enough interest in Mark Tripp's Seminar DVD, do you think he might be willing to a (self publishing) run of his unpublished Kano Judo book? I know he mentioned in the "Effective, Noob-friendly, Self-defense oriented takedowns" thread, that:

    Nah... its a new day and time for the new guys to get out there and make names for themselves.

    You can't go forward if you are looking back.

    I figure with all the interest in the DVD, if others new about the book as well, they might also be interested in the book as well. I'm not affiliated with that site either, but just thought about it when I saw your thread.

    Oh, and I am interested in the DVD as well.

    <-- Cowardly Lurker / Newb

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