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  1. I totally agree. I was kind of conflicted to leave it behind because I felt there were a lot of really good ideas and techniques behind the style. The style was good, the instructors were good, but I guess they just didn't want to get into the good stuff in order to have a more family friendly YMCA kind of environment.
  2. Yeah, that's a much better use of time. I cut down Enshin classes to only Saturdays every so often, and have been doing Judo instead. It's a lot more satisfying than just farting around for an hour then going home.

    The worst part wasn't that it sucked and was a waste of time, but was knowing that it could have been fucking awesome with just a bit more effort, a few more crazy students, and less shitty roundhouses.
  3. Hey man, how is Enshin going? I ended up going to a MMA gym to practice kickboxing. How have you been?
  4. Just in case you haven't heard, what with all the holiday bullshit possibly getting in the way, the bastard aerobics class on Saturdays got cancelled indefinitely so we have full use of the room for as long as we want again.
  5. Yeah, it felt great to get some sparring in. Since I work full-time and am currently taking classes at night, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate towards something that would be more time intensive. I bought on of those 8 class packs, so I'll stick around for those and then figure if I want to keep with it or not. It's good to know that you and the other higher belts always seem to be up for sparring since I figure that can be worked in before/after class if it isn't worked in.
  6. So now you know what the sparring is like when we actually do it and probably understand why I keep going despite the problems I have with the dojo's short classes and other issues. Plus, there is the option of sparring more before and after class, and, provided we use proper safety gear, I don't mind sparring with face punching as well.

    If you decide to find something with longer classes and more rigorous training, like Judo or boxing or whatnot, that's cool too.
  7. Unless there's a small one hidden away upstate somewhere, this is the only Enshin dojo in Arizona and the only Kyokushin-based karate dojo in Tucson, so probably not.

    As for the sparring, as it's optional, whether or not there is any depends on who happens to be there; I tend to be willing to spar at the drop of a hat, and the Japanese black belt is also fairly willing when I haven't dislocated any of his fingers.
  8. Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt the striking techniques were pretty legitimate, but I we only spent a few minutes on pad work and I didn't see any sparring that day. One of the black belts (Japanese guy) told me some of them get there early on Saturdays to spar. Since you've been involved for a long time, you wouldn't happen to know of any Enshin Karate groups that get together for sparring/practice in Tucson, outside of these guys, would you?
  9. Hn. Honestly, I love the style, but I'm rather conflicted about it myself. On one hand, most of the striking is pretty good, and the integration of more footwork and throws is pretty spiffy. On the other hand, the way a lot of the strikes are trained in class boggles my mind, and the emphasis on never kicking past center seems to have resulted in a style-wide prevalence of ***** kicks with no follow-through.
  10. Hey, I saw you wrote a review for the Enshin Karate class at the YMCA. I just visited them last Saturday and am kind of conflicted about it. I decided to attend for eight classes, since I figure one class isn't really enough to get a good idea of it (my previous experience is in muay thai). Since you've practiced Enshin for quite a while, can you tell me what your overall opinion is of the style?
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