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  1. I trained at Precision for almost a year. I didn't like their "billing" practices and I don't care for the instructor's wife Janet and found her to be quite pushy and rude at times. Also, I trained at the "JJJ Dojo"over by the Taco Town in MAry Esther. I still train FMA their on Mon and Wed, it's is only me and one other guy right now we've had a few come and go most military guys who were leaing soon. If you're intrested in doing a little trainig before you leave let me know.
  2. but on the 28th i'm leaving for the army...long delay after being with my daughter in the hospital at shands for many months
  3. here and there mostly fitness, you?
  4. You're in Navarre where do you train/have you trained? Who knows I might even know you?
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