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  1. I just started training at Brotherhood boxing in Queens, I like it because it has morning classes plus all the fighters and coaches have a good attitude.
  2. I liked it when I trained there, I signed up for one month to check it out. That was back in 2008, I don't know of he still allows that. My main problem with the place was parking and my work schedule, I started work at 930pm so it kind of conflicted. So in that month I only went like 2 or 3 times. But he is a good instructor, and he has good fighters coming out of the gym. I don't remember the prices
  3. Hey I noticed that you previously posted in a thread about training at Sitan ?
    Just wanted to know your opinions on it during your time there. Also would you happen to know there pricing options and if they have a contract?
    I'm going to be in school in Queens next month and am looking for a place to train after a hiatus.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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