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  1. Thats cool my friend i wouldnt call them bullshido but essentially wing chun is a flawed system and the point you made about being soft is exactly what im talking about. Martial arts should have a point and the point (generally) is being able to defend your self against someone who is bigger, stronger, more aggressive than you. I truly believe (and can provide ample evidence if required) that wing chun dont answer this fundamental problem in a satsifactory manner that can be replicated time and again by people who are as you say "soft".
    I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy training with those guys as they are a good bunch (just dont get drawn into the 'politics' ;) ) And i still believe that if you are going to do wing chun you have imo picked one of the best places.
  2. cj, thanks for your messages. I am learning from those guys. As you said, they're pretty tough regardless of Wing Chun, but I am a pretty soft guy, regardless which style.
    Since starting Wing Chun that has somewhat improved, but I'd never claim to be a fighter or aspire to compete in any way. Maybe that's why I haven't got the feeling of "wasting my time". But I'd never think that the bit of training would make me a fighter, unless I'd train like someone who aspires to fight.

    But I don't think training with those guys is just "Bullshido" and utterly useless, either.

    Just my 2p.
  3. Sorry m8 start reading my post from bottom up :)
  4. I found in a semi contact/light contact (think chisau level contact) that I was ok and dominated, But once it moved to full contact it underperformed with one of the main problems being power generation and believe me when I say I have chisaued with pretty much all Ninos seniors at one point or another and tbh I got to a fairly decent level and as I say got to the pole form after god damn years of training so while im not claiming to be an expert in any form I like to think I wasnt total **** :)

    Having sparred with the same group of people 18 months of BJJ later I smashed all of them. Smashed.

    Good luck m8
  5. The truth is rolling in BJJ or sparring properly with the correct (minimal) protection at FULL contact is more technical, practical and useful than all the chisau in the world could ever be.Just my 02 m8 and im not trying to convert or challenge anything or anyone, im speaking from my own personal experiences that have lead me to where I am (not a million miles away from purple belt, compete regularly and am hoping to compete in mma soon)
    I learned some cool tricks during my wing chun days but unfortunately I found it wanting when I met up with varous styles.
    more below :)
  6. Been there, done that bro...including the lineage btw,
    I pretty much finished the system and im sorry to tell you that imo you are more than likely wasting your time. Guy, Seg's Franklyn Kenny and the others are good, tough guys but tbh they would be that regardless of wc.

    The truth is Nino has what appear to be some interesting logical theories on the surface but they break down under serious scrutiny.
    Im going to put it on the line, Nino himself always said at seminars (and yes i went to em all at fakkin 80 a pop) im not teaching you how to fight im studying pure mechanics blah blah, well bro HE ISNT LYING!!! never mind the nudge nudge wink wink. I spent many years following the NB way and while i had great fun and met some cool people, i personally found once i tried a full contact martial art there was no going back.

    more below :)
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