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  1. He doesn't teach at 4 Seasons. He was belted under ODonald. ODonald the BJJ instructor from 4 seasons from what i know of him seems like a good guy and has mad skills. I took muay thai at 4 seasons. I have nothing but good things to say about that gym. Training there is a good choice.

    As far as my old bjj teacher goes, well... Its a long story. Get to know me a little better and ill share it with you sometimes. With that said come up to my friends gym and hang sometime. Its good for fellow bullys to get together from time to time. Its in downtown maysville. Im down there twice a week.

    2 other bullys train there aswell. One of them being of Korean Martial Arts Background.

    hit me up.
  2. Hey can you give me some more info about your BJJ instructor who got fired? I've just started up at 4 Seasons and up to date info is kinda hard to come by.
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