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  1. Hey Jenson...
    explain this:
    "Well said. I am with my third school since starting TKD. The first 2 did very little sparring and were heavy on the forms. The second actually taught both WTF and ITF forms. Although they claimed to be "Olympic style", I could have been beaten with a feather. My current master is truly a WTF style with a heavy emphasis on stamina and sparring techniques. It is interesting to note that the second school found it necessary to affiliate with ITA and USBBA to give some sense of credibility. It didn't work. That said, I still feel the sport fighting aspect at those first 2 schools was superior to that output by most ATA afiliated organization. My opinion, sorrry if it offends!"
    Dude, you've never even been to my school.
    What the **** is wrong with you?
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