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  1. You really aren't a very polite person. Have you ever tried being nicer?
  2. Wow, you are a bit of a whiney bicth aren't you. You jump at any taunt no matter how trivial. How's forklift working out for you? Is it getting up the stairs? I know you haven't seen the second floor of your house in years.
  3. Rudy, I don't care. I have no idea when I started using it. You damn sure didn't make it, so it's not like it "belongs" to one of us.

    You post every six months when an ego search for your own name turns something up, who could give a ****. I could edit it so it says something about ear grinds or something if you really want
  4. Last Christmas? I was using that in 2007.
  5. observe the visitor comment under yours. He's refering to "our" sig. So I've had it since last Christmas (since well before, actually)

    So quit copyin' me. Copier.
  6. douchbag
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