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  1. Heh, this is true of course, I suppose I just liked the way it rolled off the tounge :)
  2. I just realized, it should read "Team Nage Waza". Standing armbars and chokes would be katame waza as tachi waza, as in "standing" techniques.
  3. LOL, yes, fighting ignorance in Judo by being obtuse, that's my mission in life.
  4. I was thinking of your shenanigans when I made this:

  5. LOL, yeah, I know what you mean on the Dad thing. I'm much nicer in person, I swear.

  6. Yeah, I enjoy your posts, too. You are a no-nonsense kind of bloke. You kind of remind me of my dad... probably why I got my back up so quick :D
  7. Yes, I certainly wasn't going after you personally, I was attacking an apparent premise of your arguement, being your experience.

    It's all good, you are a serious guy and I enjoy your posts.

  8. Thanks for the repost in the Ukemi thread.
    I was probably taking your criticism a little too seriously, and a little too personally. Easy to forget we're in YMAS :)
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