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  1. Nah, I'm down in Hobart.
    As for the Aus MA community, I suppose I know quite a few of the JJ faces like John Will and Dan Cherubim.
    Of course there's always George Sotiropolous (he came from my BJJ school ^_^
  2. Haven't posted on the site for a while and lots of new faces and name changes...apologies.

    Are you in Sydney? I never trained Aikido but my Kendo club used to train in the same facility . But you never know...the MA community is small enough in Aus that we may have mutual friends :)
  3. You don't know me? Well, that's pretty obvious owing to the fact that we have never met. However.. I would be pretty damn surprised if you had managed to somehow completely avoid my presence here over the last 7 years...

    I saw you were Australian, so I felt it was appropriate to contact you.

    You feel this is not the case, or you are somehow offended by my message... wut?
  4. I don't know you.
  5. y helo thar
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