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  1. This'll be the last thing I post here. Seems like all forums are populated by resident buttholes and this forum is no exception. I don't have time for this sort of kiddie drama so I'll leave you gentlemen to it. Have a nice what ever.
  2. Posted by you: "I read the post and that it put me to sleep and that constitutes a chip on my shoulder?"
    Yup, but if that wasn't enough, telling everyone to **** themselves is a pretty good indicator, too.

  3. Ah, let's see, I replied to a sticky with the acknowledgment that I read the post and that it put me to sleep and that constitutes a chip on my shoulder? A sticky titled "Why I am better than you" at that. lol Great little place ya'll running here.
  4. I was hoping you would respond. As for chips on shoulders, you seem to be carrying one yourself.
    You would have seen in the rules thread that Omega has immunity, and trolls with impunity. He's the Alpha troll.

    Everyone else has to be polite in newbietown, so were I you, I'd take advantage of that. You came to this site because you have some sort of interest in martial arts right?

    There are many experienced martial artists here.
  5. You mean besides the apparent chip people wear on their shoulder around here?
  6. YO! afraid you can't delete me.
    How's it going? OMGZ hai 2 u

    I see you are reading those rules. Good! there's hope for you yet.
    Honestly, people are pretty easy to get along with here.
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