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  1. sorry for the misunderstanding. Merry Christmas to you also. we are home now and glad to be back. Take care and like I said , sorry about the misunderstanding. no beef with me. Be cool
  2. The "punch you in your smug face" comment on my profie wasn't directed at you. It was from me, to me. You have the ability to leave a comment on your own profile, which is what I did, out of humor. I wasn't even aware we had beef of any sort. We had a little miscommunication at first, but that got cleared up - or so I thought. Anyhow, stay safe. You getting any care packages? I could probably get the Blue Star Mothers group to sponsor your unit if you guys have stuff you'd like to get.
  3. Been a llittle busy, just saw your comment. LOL Grow up, keep pointing the finger at everyone like you do, and maybe you will validate yourself eventually. Typical keyboard badass. Funny how you have so much time to point out so much on this board. Maybe a life, or even a girlfriend (maybe boyfriend, not judging just saying) would do you some good. Anyway, like the "punch you in your smug face" comment. Have a good one, and keep up the good work. lol
  4. Hooch? anyway. I aint gonna bite at what your selling. 5 styles? come on man? anyway, happy hunting. Be cool
  5. Hey Man, sorry about the way we started off. After reading your post on LongTab I thought I would drop you a line and say I did not mean to come off so harsh. Sitting here in Iraq, sometimes it is to easy to put your hostility and frustration on to the first thing you get the chance at. Hope we can be cool. And hey, if you wanna know, just ask, I will gladly clear anything up that might come across the wrong way.

  6. Ok, sorry we cant play nice. Throw a jab and expect one in return. And currently I am in Hell, its called Iraq. Have a good one
  7. No worries. Stay frosty out there.
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