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  1. Hello... Doce Pares is a very nice style, imho. It's really interesting, that you have only 2 holidays... The university is closed i think between x-mas and new year's eve.
    And, there will be exams time period, so if you finish your exams in time, you will have plenty of free time :D
  2. Hello!

    Thanks for the help, but I think I'll train with the Doce Pares club. I've already met the trainer, and I actually know somebody in Norway who has trained with him and recommended him.

    Sadly I won't be coming to Budapest for a while :( I think my university really hates holidays, since I only have two a year....
  3. Hello! Doce Pares is also a nice style. If you are going to take a sightseeing in Budapest, just drop me an email to [email protected], and i happily guide you.
  4. Hello,

    thanks for contacting your friend!
    Well, I'm interested in a lot of martial arts. I've found a karate, boxing and doce pares club, and considering starting in Doce Pares or boxing. I've had some experience with grappling and kickboxing, but I'm considering just trying out something western, that isn't boxing! ( Which is funny, because I'm half asian...)
  5. Hello!

    I got a response: he does not know anyone in debrecen. They have groups in
    budapest, sárospatak, and szeged.

    If you are interested in FMA, then there is an inosanto kali group in debrecen.
  6. Hello!

    I asked my friend, who is the leader of kard rendje.
    As soon as he will send me some information, i will inform you.

    Are you interested only in WMA, or if there is no wma club, should i find you
    some martial art club?

    Best regards:

  7. Hello, I read that you live in Budapest.
    Do you know of any western martial arts clubs in Debrecen?

    I moved here to study, and I barely know 10 words of Hungarian, so its kinda hard to find clubs!
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