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  1. Bwahahaha joke is on me. One of the things I ordered were Thai Pads; I found an amazing deal on professional grade pads for just $50. So I ordered... but I didn't take a close enough look, I checked my shipping order and it was just one lulz. Should have looked more carefully... I'll ask my friends to chip in for another of the same type and give them the code =)
  2. I don't think there is, unfortunately. Don't feel bad though; we should have put this up a bit earlier anyway. If it really bugs you, you could always become a Sponsor or Supporting member! :)
  3. Hey Phrost I just saw the thing about ordering from Amazon.... however I just made a purchase about a week ago. Do you know if there is any way at all to still give the referral for Bullshido, or is it too late?
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