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  1. Hey dont worry, should not be too hard to pick up. I heard that it is a misconception to say that its easy to learn a language in childhood, they say it is easier in later years since there is greater understanding of the little rules of languages and what not. ACCENTS however, are a different story....

    (keyboard not working well with punctuation, affecting my entire sentence structure)
  2. Admitedly in a half-ass fashion, when I have free time.
  3. I plan to learn arabic however, im already learning to read urdu(i speak it) and intend to teach these languages(including Chinese if i can)

    Are you learning arabic right now?
  4. Nah, not fluidly enough. My dad speaks arabic and can read it.

    That picture was hilariously awesome.
  5. It was from an old article about women training Karate, either in Afghanistan or Iran... I only have the thumbnail and Google Images doesn't seem to have it anymore.

    By the way, do you speak Arabic? I'm trying to learn using Rosetta Stone, but it's slow going.
  6. Hey phrost, do you have a giant version of the strikestan image? If so, is there a link?
  7. Ibn warraq is actually a psychologist and not a scholar, nor is he viewed as legit by most scholars, not to mention out of context quotations.

    Though lots in nidals past makes it look like he probably WAS religiously motivated. But warraq is not legit. If you want to quote a good critic, quote denial pipes. I may not agree with him, but at least his credentials are legit.
  8. double post
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