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  1. People block fronts dangerously with downward blocks. I like to go to rndhs when front is blocked, or my real (dirty) move, just kick the **** out of their blocking arms. I was taught scoop in Wado and circular (or slap to side) in KK for fronts, never down. Shin > arm.
  2. Silva and Front kick - I've always used it alot. Sometimes able to kick the shin of a shooter or low or high to an opponent. Very versatile imho, once you are in range and start the kick the opponent (like side kick too) has no way to tell where it's going to land. One amateur cage fighter here has a TKD background and uses kicks a lot and I've wondered why they weren't more popular.

    Plenty of Asian Hotties out there in SE Asia. Sexy girls but in reality kind of weird and sad to
  3. Nice to hear from you,

    Couldn't resist coming back for a look at the reaction after Silva took out Belfort...with a front snap kick while his hands were down at his sides (and Belfort's were actually up).

    Haven't posted much, so you're not missing anything that would be a better use of your time than finding more Asian hotties to eat.


  4. Hey! Good to see you're posting. Now if I could get this Asian computer internetty thang working I could use search and see what the **** you've actually posted.... (I'm in Ol' Hong Kong, having eaten and drunk my way through Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos....)
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