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  1. Lol, yeah, third week in. All is well. My mummy made me go to school.
    I found a job, at last, at a local drinking hole. So there's a plus.
    How you doin?
  2. OMG I haven't logged on to BS for a while sorry Sybs! You HAVE to go to school. I don't care if you go to check out the guys/girls but study. Have you started the semester?
  3. Hey, woman. I'm terribly bored and dont want to go to school!!!
  4. Boom boom baby! I just baked mocha cupcakes :)
  5. Yes, i like cookies. As long as there are no nuts (of the food variety) in them. I hate nuts. Why? Are you making me cookies?!
  6. This is getting confusing. Do you like cookies?
  7. Oh, thanks, you bad thing!
  8. It's not about being important Tom, it's about me winning the Internetz and making all y'all cry.
  9. Hey sweetcheeks! *spank*
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