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  1. Good to hear. It's not BBQ weather here yet, but my dad is sitting there with his tongs, ready to fire that baby up at the first opportunity.
  2. Good sparring and BBQ yesterday and today.
  3. Howdy from Texas. It hit 104* today.
  4. Spontaneous greeting!!!!

    Did I spell that right?

    Whatever. Hi!!!!
  5. What did you do to piss Rudy off so much? Not that it takes much, of course.
  6. No problem. Illiteracy is to easy, your last visitor is clearly an idiot. Still, nothing like signing on to your profile and finding a nice, steamy '**** u' sitting right there in the middle of it.
  7. Thank you for leaving a more literate message than the last visitor to my page.
  8. Why hello. Dont mind me, just stalking.
  9. Just stopping by. Howdy.
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