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  1. Jason!
    Haha, you're an old man, like me!!

    You know Russell Castellano? (izzat his name? cutcut's brother?)
    I remember him from Joe Black's, back in the day. Man, Uncle Joe
    was one tough dude! My dad and he were friends, and I remember
    him coming over to the Nahina's house a lot, back then, with Uncle
    Curt dem. . .good memories, man!

    You've been under some good guys, all this time. . .you must be awesome!!

    Glad to hear you're with Uncle Frank! A very awesome man.

    * *
    I live in Wahiawa, and have always been on the outside of kaju,
    mostly because I was so busy, and a lot of my friends were
    kajukenbo. We did a lot of free sparring, and technique testing
    back in the day w2ith a group of about 8-12 from various martial
    styles, including street fighters. . .more good memories, there!

    * *
    If you post as Iacona on, I may have read a few
    of your posts on links provided by John Bishop, or someone else.

    When are your classes, I may stop by!
  2. Aloha Meex,

    you can e-mail me at [email protected]
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