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  1. sorry to take so long to respond. My roomates also use my account here and I rarely check my stuff. I have been living in Seattle for the last 4 years and am moving back to Hawaii in September. I will be staying at my parents house in Nuuanu so seems like you will be close. Heres the thing, I am looking for people to train with in Hawaii. Im 27 and have been training under Sigung Taki Kimura. I do plan on visiting Sigung Taki when possible and I want to reach instructor level, so please respond to my email if you would like to train together. If you are serious about training then hit me up because the next 2 to 3 years are going to be very intense for me so I welcome any serious martial artist to come and train. Ive learned lots of other martial arts from my friends so Im not one of those guys that have an ego about my martial art. My email is: [email protected], Aloha.
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