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  1. Thanks for your reply.
  2. part two -
    Mind set of an arnisador? Hmmm. Good Q. I was a tournament fighter back in the day so my mind set is to snipe and nail with a good shot. Others may have the mind set of a machine gun, as evidenced by the WEKAF fighters. What do you mean by serious fighting? I can answer your Q much better if I know that. Also, what is your name and who do you train with? I hate talking to a 'handle' and if I know who you train with, I get a better idea of what you've been taught.
    Dan A
  3. Hi Jayy1, (pt. 1)

    MA is more of a self-defense and attributes building art. RP never taught it for duelling or one on one fighting. He WAS a fighter but MA was his way of introducing FMA tot he USA. It was more of a cultural thing.

    Dan Anderson
  4. Mr. Anderson someone had recommended you for Moder Arnis I currently train in the art. Btu, I was wondering the mindset of an Arnisador is that of what? I want to train for serious fighting not self defense and I thought that the Proffesor was about that,however, Modern Arnis seems to be a watered down fighting style.How can I train for serious fighting ? Your comments will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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