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  1. Thanks for the Warning, not sure what other WC have put for this Question, There are many ways of dealing with this situation, most not legal from a sport point of view and it would be like showing more videos (as mentioned before) with the same results.

    I'll answer this one but I'll stop there since it will have the same results as mentioned, if your hooking wide as in your Question - your ribs are open to strikes or kicks from under the the Hook, you pivoted all your weight to your front leg so that can be taken out as well and of course the typical "Biu Sao/Punch or Man Sao with a Elbow to the Face or Throat, or I could just Kick the person straight in the Chest or Groin, any of these could be used. I have my own techniques of dealing with that but there more indepth for WC.

    I sent this to you because I didn't know if I wanted to post it, but for now feel free to read it yourself and comment back.
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