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  1. Hello Again! The Goshin VHS tape was found in my storage!

    The first question I need to ask is what media do you want it for shipping?
    VHS or transferred and burned onto a DVD/CD??
    While I would be happy to give it away - I now see the end of the tape has rare 1960s/1970s videos of authentic Japanese Martial Arts in action.

    Did you train in Texas with Jim Fifi or Tom Seabridge when young?

    Happy 4th
  2. Hello,

    Sorry for this delayed response.

    The VHS tape - if I still have it - is in offsite commercial storage bin - whose stuff I will be moving & reorganizing on/around May 10th. So I will check its existence out then. It was a truly interesting tape of that Texas demo, including a living room interview. Made by Ken Allegier (sp) about ten years ago was exposing J.D. falsehoods using as the forum - since Ken had been a black belt believer within the Goshin org.
  3. Hi there. I read a posting on the site that you have a copy of the infamous video of Jerry Durant conducting a demo in Texas. I studied a bit from him long ago in my youth, and would be interested in getting a copy to see if it comports with my memory of him. Any chance I could get a copy? Email: [email protected]

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