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  1. At my gym we did some light static stretching after warming up, then some PNF stretching with partners, then a lot of dynamic stretching (just practicing the basic kicks, really). We'd usually stretch to cool down after class, too. I don't know if it amounted to an actual program, but it definitely improved my flexibility.

    For speed, some people practiced with what looked like long bicycle tubes. One end would be tied to a support in the gym, with a loop on the other end that fit around the foot. I don't know how safe that is, but at least I never heard of anyone getting hurt.
  2. That's awesome. It's hard to find Taekkyon training in Canada. I'm interested in learning the flexibility to get their kicks to be so high and quick. Are there any certain stretching programs you recommend?
  3. I practiced about six years while I was in Korea.
  4. Hi there. Do you have training in Taekkyon?
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