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  1. are you on facebook? if you are, add me as a friend, herbert smith
  2. Its an open tournament, so anyone can compete, it is a fairly tough tournament, but far from being olympic level.

    Im trying to plan a trip to Thailand for my kids and I,so my son and I can train at Tiger Puhket MMA, but I have to work out money and logistics, may take a year or two before we actually go.
  3. Not lately. Still trying to lose a bit of weight and get my fitness up. Uni and life is kind of getting in the way. National Tournament, sound exciting. Did you have to qualify for it, or it is anyone who wants to enter? Either way, good luck. Bet you'll kick ass.
  4. so have you been competing at all? My son and I have the National AAU Judo tournament on Aug.15th
  5. I'm good, thanks. Hope your kids are giving you hell, like they should be. ;)
  6. hi,how are you doing? me,Ive been busy with my son and daughter.just went Day shift a couple months ago.
  7. Random friendly message!! Hi!!!
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