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  1. whoops, and facebook - Brandon Rea
  2. Hey man, I didn't hear from you... maybe I deleted it by accident, I'm not too familiar with this whole interface.

    Anyways, I'm staying in Stong this year. You can reply here, but I'm sketched out about having another technical issue lol so you can add me to MSN or on facebook

    msn - [email protected]
  3. Not sure what happened. I left you a visitor message that same day you messaged me. You might've deleted it. As I said in the previous one, having a training partner on campus would be really cool.
  4. Hey ProudClod,

    I just saw your post in the Advance Striking forum and noticed you are at YorkU in the Muay Thai program. That's awesome, and something I am interested in. I have a background in amateur boxing behind me, and some no-gi grappling training, but outside of some loose MMA training I haven't really explored muay thai and am excited to.

    I'm not sure if my class schedule is going to allowed me to get to the Tuesday/Thursday classes regularly enough to justify the price tag, so I might be looking to travel to Siam No 1 or Lanna Muay Thai (both very close to York... Lanna is 5km from Calumet!).

    I'm just wondering if at some point during the school year you would be interested in hooking up for some training. You mentioned you had boxing experience in your post - whereabouts did you train? I fought out of Motorcity in Oshawa.

    It'd be great to have a solid training partner on campus. You living in res?

    Let me know what you think.
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