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  1. allergic to strawberry, too.
    why not just give me arsenic
  2. Oh I know what you're allergic to.

    Sorry I missed your birthday :( I know it's in Sep/Oct just not when exactly!
  3. allergic to peanut not want.
    and yes, I am wearing my black and blue pinstripe suit and being a filthmonger.
  4. Peanut butter and strawberry cupcakes will be delivered soon.

    Btw, are you in your office, wearing a suit and banging dirty things out on your keyboard?
  5. Where's my cupcakes?
    Don't anger the Undersecretary of Topical Antifungal Creams and Antibiotic Ointments
  6. don't hate BOIHOLE cuz beautiful
  7. I'll say anything in the heat of the moment.

    No more BH ok?
  8. You think I have a sweet ass?
  9. Quit acting like BoiHole over here, it implies that Esteban owns your sweet ass. Man up ****** ;)
  10. Stampede!!!!
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