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  1. Actually, I just pointed someone else to it. It is in a restricted are because we didn't want him to see it until it is done. You have to be a supporting member so view it.

    No BS Martial Arts

    However, if you PM Scrapper, he is the main one working on it. He will probably want any information you can give him.
  2. Hey. boss where is the Mike O thread at I can't find it???
  3. I haven't been doing any of the Mike O investigation. Someone else is working on that one. I have been dealing with the Valadez brothers. There stuff is pure garbage. The easiest way to tell if someone knows any thing is to ask if they think the Valadez system is good. If they say yes, they know nothing.

    I have been awarded pretty much every kind of certification that Valadez has and posted all of the information in a thread here. That is the best way to do it.

    I don't know who this cat is that started that thread about you. I know when I first went to your site, I knew that you were legit. But those other certs threw up flags. No big deal, it is all aired out now. That is the best way to do it. Now if there is questions in the future, you can point people to this thread. That is the good thing about this place.
  4. So who did you talk too? I really did not know that this guy was a bad apple? He talked about doing seminars with these other JKD guy's. I chatted with a Paul Vunak instructor and them once and he wanted to get with us< I am just left with an open mouth like what? Thanks for letting me know about these guy's I sent both of them emails telling them what I thought about them. It goes to show you that if it is free, it is not worth it ot there is something behind it for sure??? Thanks Ben
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