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  1. Hey, I've been pretty good! Working and playing! I've been doing a lot of kayaking this year. I did a little surfing but the waves and jelly's have keept me away for the most part. Yeah, I was thinking about heading over to it. What weight class are you competing in? How has your training been going? If I come that way I'll look for yah!
  2. Hey man how you been? You checking out the competition in Ft. Walton this weekend? I'm gonna compete in the gi division.
  3. Cool man thanks for the reply I'll keep i touch.
  4. Hey! Yeah, that's cool. I saw that you were going down to south florida and traveling around. Sounds like fun. Yeah we are still rolling. Mostly just on Thursdays. But sometimes on Monday too. Yeah, whenever you want to come by, let me know.

    We've been doing a lot of stand up lately because Jackson, the smaller guy, has been wanting to work on his hands. We had a couple of guys from Pensacola Boxing Academy come by and roll for a couple of weeks because they were competing in the MMA event at the fair grounds. And I guess the rolling where they are at, is not that great. So they rolled with us to brush up on their game. That was pretty fun.

    So yeah, good job on school! Keep up the good work, keep me posted on what you have going on.

    Take it easy!
  5. What's up man ,I know it's been a while. School ended and my vacation plans were more involved than my school schedule. Now schools started up again, but at least I graduate from the xray program in 2 semesters. I'm still busy as hell but i'd like to get up and roll again.

    This summer I told the guy I do FMA w/ about how I rolled with you a few times. It's funny I think he got kinda jealous. He did a few years of the JJJ and competed a few times. So we occasionally go over some groundwork at the end of FMA training. Still he dosen't seem big on rolling, of course were pretty worn out by the end of class anyways.

    I don't know when i'll be free but I have to come over sometime. Your closer than anyone else I know of on bullshido but its so damn far when i'm busy. Maybe we can kickbox a little. I'd like to fight someone bigger for a change and see how I do.

    Talk to you sooner or later, Jesse
  6. Got the message about training on thursdays. Glad still you're down to train whenever on the other days. I'm up to my neck in damn school right now, might have bitten off more than I can chew this semester. The semster ends in a few weeks, so you'll hear from me around then.
  7. Hey, I just wanted to let you know, we will not be training on Thursdays for a while. I'm going to go over to a friend's house to roll on those days. He trains under a BJJ black belt. So we will roll for sure on Mondays. And if you want to come any other day, just let me know!
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