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  1. oh this is the guy from the CMA thread in OKC, I lost my password and had to start a new account
  2. I appreciate the offer, what I'm looking for is a style that would work well in a real life situation, but also has a rich history and will be physically challenging. I have been researching several styles and thats why I started posting on here to get some opinions of styles before I commit somewhere. I checked out the OKSDT website and right now I have school on tuesday and thursday nights. But I have been considering learing BJJ and mixing it up with boxing so I'm wondering what nights you have jiu jitsu classes. Judo would be awesome and I would love to train Judo and boxing but I work 8-5 monday thru friday and school tuesday and thursday night. I didnt see the times for the BJJ class on the website. Thanks again.
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