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  1. I ended up getting the store brand but it went away after I rubbed it with some bleach =(
  2. Gah! Lamisilk! Fast!
  3. Hey dude nah not yet. I'm one of the infected.... (ring worm) Don't want to come to your gym get tapped out and then spread the ring worm lol
  4. Out of curiosity have you stopped by our school yet?
  5. What days do you usually train? That way I at least know someone when I come down.
  6. Oooops, I guess we should've posted a "We've moved to..." sign. Sorry about that. We had to get out of there because it was small as hell.
  7. Holy ****! You guys were over on Bloomfield Ave in Bloomfield. I saw that they closed the place down which sucks because it was really close to my house. Thanks for the heads up maybe I'll swing by and check it out sometime next week.
  8. I live in Bloomfield its on the border of Newark. I train at Gold Team Fighters in West Caldwell but most likely switching to their other location in Newark. What about you?
  9. I see that you're in the area. Where do you live and where do you train BJJ?
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