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  1. So not good changes?

    I went to Mecca once because I had a Dealfind thing for 20 classes and some friends train there. Didn't go back mostly because it's like 40min TTC from work, and like 90 min TTC from my house. I'm also considering some boxing place later on, even no contact, just to have variety in my workouts
  2. What's up dude? I haven't been on bullshido for a long time lol just decided to come back to it today for no real reason.

    Been training MMA classes at MECCA...they're switching owners, and along with that their entire business model. It's kinda hectic. Right now the plan is to go to their wrestling class for this month and maybe a bit of the next month, catch up on my wrestling. In October my friend and I plan on joining a boxing gym.
  3. How goes training?
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