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  1. Im not much of a drinker anymore, but if i do, its more often than not Stella Artois, Guiness, or Peroni/Moretti if they have it. I used to drink Green King IPA, but got mocked for it.
    I do on the other hand, have a nice selection of peaty scotches.
  2. Chuggernaught works as long as you dont drink Budweiser or Corona. If you drink American **** beer I will sue for the rights
  3. Chuggernaut i like. JuggerNazi, not so sure. I think Kosherkickboxer may burst a blood vessel over that.
  4. Chuggernaut, JUGSorNOT, Juggernazi? Just go as offensive as possible. In the end we all win.
  5. Seriously considering changing my name to The Juggernoob, or Juggernuts. Any advice brah?
  6. I was being sarcastic about you being mistaken bro, I just thought your post was funny.
  7. Read my message again. It had a carefully worded disclaimer.
    Also, Im about 40% troll. These comments come up from time to time.
  8. Woman are attention grabbers? surely you are mistaken, sir.
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