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  1. I'm closer to the Makati Gym. I already asked Kru a bit. Cool guy.
    Thanks for your reply man. I really appreciate it.
  2. Part 3:

    Coach Stephen is a 2nd dan in Judo in addition to his BJJ black and teaches at the Wack Wack gym MWF nights. Sensei John Baylon (I'm sure you know this guy) is a 6th dan in Judo and a BJJ blackbelt and teaches the Saturday Morning class at makati.

    Just hit me up if you wanna know more. BTW, I'm gonna be at the BJJ class tomorrow night here in the wack wack gym, feel free to drop by.
  3. Part 2:

    I haven't attended the MT classes but heard Kru Carlo is very very good (We're associated with the Muay Thai Association of the Philippines)

    Yes, we incorporate Judo and Wrestling. A lot of the wrestlers from SPRAWL are regulars at the BJJ classes and teach.
  4. Heya. The scheds on the site are inaccurate. I don't train at the Makati gym, sorry, I train here in Wack Wack. Wack Wack Schedule:

    MWF: BJJ (Gi) 7:30-9pm
    TTh: Muay Thai 7:30-9pm
    Sat: 5-7pm, No Gi BJJ and MMA

    Our sister team SPRAWL MMA (A wrestling-based MMA team) is also nearby. We train with each other at both gyms, but our gym is the main place for BJJ. We spar every session in BJJ and MMA.
  5. I've already asked about BJJ in your Makati gym.
    I just wasn't able to watch and observe. The MMA is at 5-6pm right? I'm still at work during those hours.

    So uh... I have some questions:

    How are the BJJ classes?
    Judo and wrestling are incorporated right? Do you get to work a lot on throws and clinching?
    Do you work on some sort of striking defense as well?
    Do you spar every session?

    Thanks a lot man. I'm looking at the no-gi sessions, btw.
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