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  1. That would be cool, although I read it with the thread next to it and managed it decently enough. Luckily there are enough universal words in there like: Bullshido, Throwdown, Ernesto Hoost and so on, that I was able to follow well enough.
    But yeah, subtitles would be better.
  2. Glad you liked it! I might kick myself to finally add the darn subtitles already... I think Youtube enables you to do it online now, gotta check it out... :-)
  3. Cheers!
    edit: got around to seeing it, and it's a cool report.
    much respect
  4. Hi, here's a direct link to the report on Youtube (still no subtitles, sorry - you have the translation in my thread about it though): YouTube - Bullshido Featured on Slovakia News
  5. Hey man, it's cool you got BS on TV (I know old news), but is there still any way to actually see it?
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