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  1. I unplugged my TV and stuck it in the closet when I first got here. I tried to watch it a couple of times and it's just stupid. It's like Japan is stuck in the 70s at best.
  2. I hear you. I've been here for almost two and a half years. Osaka takes it out of you, I think. You start missing the food you love and the same shite on the television drives you batty. I'd kill to have a tall glass of Franziskaner beer and schnitzel with real french fries again. No more sushi for a while. You know what I mean?
  3. I have about sixteen months here. I'
    m kind of tired of it but I have years left.
  4. By the way, I think you are right, a thread is needed.
    I'm surprised there was someone else in the Kansai area on this website. How long have you been in Nihon?
  5. Yeah, it will be rough trying to find a place for a good sizable throwdown. Let me ask the owner of the Kyokushin Gym near Suma beach if we could borrow some of his floor space if he won't be using it. I have a few friends in the surronding area (South African,American,British,Chinese) who'd love to come up for something like this and they all do different styles.
    If not Suma then some where close enough for all of us to meet up.
  6. I wonder how many people are in Kansai on this site anyway. Might be worth starting a thread, but a location might not be easy to find. I'm in Osaka, you're in Kobe, I know one guy who is in Hiroshima but that's an expensive trip for a throwdown. Have you heard from anyone else in the area?
  7. Good to meet you! Hopefully one day we can meet up. That was actually a pretty good idea for a Kansai throwdown.
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