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  1. Sorry, Just came back here now. You know Jim, with all the class acts around here, I didnt want to be underwhelmed with wisdom and overwhelmed with audacity. So I took a rest. Actually, I do study with Santi! He is a hell of a good guy. He doesnt even belong on this site, he is soooo above the nonsense. Agree? Now, let me go back to my favorite time wasting gut busting thread of all...."Would Steven Seagal beat Bas Ruttan?"
  2. oh, & pick up a book: The Weapons and Fighting Arts of Indonesia by Donn F. Draeger. It's about as close as you can get to a Silat encyclopedia. If you're looking for some good Silat dvds, find copies of Stevan Plinck's Serak Series. If you're looking for more, let me know, I probably have it or can find it. ~ Jim
  3. have fun with Santiago in Miami, there definitely are worse silat instructors out there (& you can tell him Jim Judy said that, he'll get a kick out of it). just an FYI, I used to train with Ray Schardijn, a student of Rudy Terlinden, among other dutch-indo masters, so you know where I'm coming from. Santi has strong foundations in Cliff Stewart's practical fighting application of deThouars Serak, he can get you started when it comes to the wide friggin' world of Silat.
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