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  1. From what I get from a staff if it gets to be to big of a spanking and it gets too far off the original thread they close it....
  2. Yeah, it seemed like he was looking people up trying to get some proof besides what robkempo's friends said. I don't understand why they closed the thread in the dark side, people are supposed to be able to troll all they want right?
  3. He was pretty good untlil he started with that robkenpo then he got kind of weak and did a lot of ignoring or just bullcrap posting...I kept rooting for him but he was fading fast, then the other guys showed up and the blasting stuff that got the thread closed saved him... Too bad I was hoping he would come back with some real facts and blast them but he never did and now can not...
  4. I'm not posting over there any more, I don't like how too many members have pet mods who do their dirty work (Princess Kraken used to be one of them)
    However, when I see Ralph Severe doing all the same things, I gotta let the Bullies know about it!!!
    That ninja bot guy sure let them all have it tho didn't he? That was great.
  5. hey new guy here and at that survival board...Good work overthere from you guy..Who is that robkenpo guy and is here here too??? what do you go by over there?
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