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  1. If you want to contribute to my sig, just make a statement about me in any thread I've posted in :)
    That would be ace, btw ^

    with regards to custom tag, maybe i'll have to ram raid phrosts inbox :)
  2. Ahh, JNP sent you to me, you should have said so! If you want a snazzy comedy tag for your SIG I can whip something up. Just can't do official custom tags.
  3. Sure, I understand..
    It's not like I've been around here long enough to EARN one or anything, scoff scoff

  4. Heh, thanks. Custom tags are generally a Phrost only kind of thing. Can't go handing them out willy nilly.
  5. Firstly: outstanding 'fight'. armbar in under 30 seconds.. lol.
    Secondly: I'm wondering what I would need to do to wrangle a custom tag; something like "is balder than you'
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