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  1. As for the BJJ clubs: From what I hear, the Relson place is traditional Gracie JJ. Heavy focus on closed guard, etc. Ruff is a Judo blackbelt, and is influenced by his competition in BJJ - so more emphasis on open guard, sweeping to the top, etc. I'd go with the one that is easier to get to. Columbus MMA is also good - and cheaper than either.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me at the club or here. We have a fresh crop of white belts so you wouldn't be the only beginners.
  2. Hi! I definitely recommend you drop by the OSU Judo club. Stuff to know about it: Judo is hard work. Everyone gets discouraged, so don't be surprised. It will take a while before things start to click, but when it does it's awesome.

    The OSU club is a mix of a recreational and competitive club. We have a lot of competitors, but there's also people who are there just to have a fun hobby. Any specific questions, feel free to ask when you come by the club - Monday/wed/fri 6-8, sunday 12-2.
  3. Hey, I googled BJJ and OSU and you came up. I don't usually frequent these forums other than to read reviews, I usually am at Sherdog. But you mentioned the Judo club, and my friend and I have been wanting to check that out and maybe join. Is there anything we should know about it? And also, which do you recommend for BJJ, the Relson Gracie Academy or Ruffhouse?
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