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  1. Oh also do you know anyone in the club with a Fuji brand judogi? I'm looking to buy one and it seems reasonably priced.
  2. Hey what's up? Sorry, I usually don't check this lol. Yeah I was about to buy a judogi and get started up at the club but I just realized this quarter is hell for me. I'm probably going to join Winter quarter. But if you guys are meeting regularly I'd definitely want to get into that. What days are you all going?
  3. Hey man, you back in school? We're meeting regularly for extra practice (guys from the Judo club and local BJJ places)
  4. Ah ****. That's cool bro. I was worried you were down for a second, because I actually went home last second. I'd be down for anytime you're good M/W/F though.
  5. Hey, sorry dude.. I'm pretty sick right now and don't want to spread it. I should be good for next weekend, though. Also free sometimes during the day on M/W/F.
  6. Hey man, would you be down for grappling this Saturday around the same time?
  7. If you still wanted to take a look, here's the compendium.

    Merry Christmas MMA section - Forums
  8. yeah, sure. they're usually cleaner.

    see ya then
  9. Haha I'm flattered.

    Yeah 2 sounds good, upper level mats?
  10. early afternoon would probably be best. maybe around 2ish?

    I would invite the gracieJJ guy but he's at a grappling seminar with John Saylor or something tomorrow. Let me know here or on facebook (I logged on for the first time this monrth just to add ya. feel flattered)
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