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  1. Hey I was wondering, what days does Judo Club meet up?
  2. I'd get the double weave, but it also wouldn't hurt to get the single weave now and a double weave later. Single weaves are more comfortable and cooler, so they are sometimes preferable. And, if you have two, you can spread out the wear-and-tear.
  3. I mean economically would it be wiser to just buy the double weave if I know I'm going to stick with it? I would just rather not have something that wears out. I've just heard mixed messages about single weave and it's durability and grip.
  4. Sure if we end up going next saturday I'll let you know.

    The single weave should be fine for beginning, but be sure to treat it right. Single weaves get worn out a lot faster - don't use too much bleach on it, don't machine dry it more than you have to, etc.
  5. Alright cool, could you let me know if you all decide to go on a Saturday?

    Okay maybe I'll show up near the latter end of the class so I won't look out of place without a gi lol. Yeah I was thinking about buying that Fuji double weave from kodokangear but I don't know if I should start off with a single first?
  6. Saturday attendance varies by the week, depending on people's schedules. We don't even have a set time, yet.

    As for sundays: they'd want you to join the club if you kept coming, but visitors are welcomed. If you want to work technique with the blackbelt, he would probably want you to work in a gi. If you wanted to stay after official club time and work out, it doesn't matter.
  7. That sounds good, do I have to be in Judo club to attend that Sunday practice though? Is everyone wearing a gi?
  8. Sunday practice (12-2) is great for beginners as it's a smaller class with lots of personal attention from one of the more technical black belts I've ever met. Afterwards, we often work on non-Judo stuff. Unless we get wiped out from this tournament, there will be people there Sunday at noon.

    I have a Fuji gi and I love it. I got the double weave and it is pretty comfortable and seems durable as hell. Good deal for the price. I think I bought it from HatashitaSport.
  9. I'd definitely be down for meeting up Saturdays, I'm usually free all day Saturday anyways. Yeah I think those weekday meetings would be best next quarter. Is it a pretty big group on Saturdays?
  10. We're still working out the specific extra days, but saturday during the day seems to work well for a lot of people. Also, we have a couple of the instructors who are willing to meet during the day in the week to help people out - but that might be better until you've learned the basic throws, which is what they were going to focus on. So maybe that part can wait until Winter for you? Anyway, we're not meeting this Saturday because we have a judo tournament to attend.
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