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  1. Ah, completely forgot, what do I do about a white belt? It doesn't come with one like the single weave does.
  2. See yeah I'm a bit smaller than you, 5"6 180ish. I think I might look into shrinking down a size 5? Or should I go for a 4 and kinda just wash it down like you did?

    I wanted to do boxing club as my friend's the president atm. But they run concurrently with the Judo club and I'm looking to learn more grappling. Does Judo club roll every meeting? I heard the same about them, I also have a friend in there. In-class conditioning kind of bothers me because I like to condition on my own schedule
  3. I'm actually thinking of doing both Judo and Shuai Chiao both in spring quarter. Of course they don't have any ground fighting, which is a let-down - and I hear they spend a lot of time doing warmups and exercises of the traditional gungfu variety, while I feel that conditioning is best left to the student's spare time.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Show up soon, bring your friend. Let me know ahead of time and I'll make sure to let the coaches know to not plan anything crazy for that day.
  4. We have alternating weeks of more traditional Judo and competition or ground-oriented Judo by the way - this week it's been more informal. It's a fun balance.

    You should tell your friend to come check us out and the Shuai Chiao club too. We're on alternating days so it won't hurt him to look at both. They're a pretty cool club and one of the few legit places in the US to train. I messed around with the class a while back and it was interesting.
  5. If you wash your gi in warm or cold water (+bleach when needed) and never dry on high heat it shouldn't shrink tons. Mine are roomy at first and then after a couple washes fit pretty well. I'm a tad over 5'7" and weigh ~195 lbs, and I wear a size 5 comfortably.

    We have lots of beginners this quarter, which is part of why we're focusing on basics. Some have some experience in wrestling/BJJ, but they're all new to Judo. Your friend is welcome too and won't be out of place.
  6. Alright thanks. Is the shrinking thing true? Ordering a size up and shrinking down a size? I haven't actually had a real gi before.

    I might be bringing along a friend, he's deciding between shuaijiao and judo, I'm trying to get him to do judo. Would I be the only beginner this quarter?
  7. The double weave for 89$ is a reasonable price. I think that's around what I paid for it.

    Glad to hear you're making it in. We're working on basics for the next month or two anyway, so it's a good time for it.
  8. Hey man, finally deciding to get off my ass. Might be coming within the next two weeks depending when my gi arrives. I'm trying to buy a fuji double-weave off of kodokangear. You said you had one and you liked it earlier, is $89 a good deal?
  9. Yeah I'll probably show up next week maybe. I think I may have torn my rotator cuff a week ago.
  10. They meet up Monday / Wednesday / Friday 6-8:00 PM, Sunday 12-2. I'll be in on Wednesday, assuming my knee doesn't twinge up again.
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