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  1. This is your CEASE-AND-DESIST Notice:
    Refrain from all acts of abusive behavior, intimidation, projection of blame, stalking, cyberstalking and cyberbullying (including defamation of character and remarks of a sexual nature), all acts that cause humiliation, hostile actions for pursuing your vendettas against me, harassment both psychological and physical and any acts of malicious intent to cause psychological or physical harm, or face criminal charges. If I receive any future correspondence, communications or interactions with you which confirm that you have engaged in any of the above behaviors or actions, I shall take further action against you and other individuals assisting you in these acts.
  2. How amusing you are, little man, how amusing. You didn't call anyone out, you attacked people with your threats and petty behavior. You made no effort to address my first post on the newbie thread in a professional, respectful manner. You provided no real proof that you are qualified to teach. I had valid, honest questions (addressed to a public forum asking for their public knowledge of you and your skills). Instead of being helpful, you let your temper get the best of you, which proves you are not a man of self control or honor or a business man addressing a potential client. A man of all your claimed training should have self control and more respect for a naive beginner in martial arts.
  3. All my posts stopped because my family and I went out of State to attend Revival with our founding Church in North Carolina. But before doing so, I was watching as things played out, very amused at your actions, temper and how YOU facilitated the truth coming to light. As soon as someone mentioned Judo would be a better choice, I was no longer interested in you or your fake qualifications. The people that helped me on this forum were honest, upfront and very helpful. Way more than we can say for you.
  4. Nice try on defaming others, when all you accomplished was to prove everything that came out is based on truth. Honestly man, you could win an award on the Jerry Springer show. Stop blaming others for the fall back created by your actions and your deceptive behavior. Go crawl back under the rock which hence you came from. My questions were sincere.
  5. Remeber my first post? Go back to the newbie thread and read...I decided not to post again because my questions had been answered. You are not qualified to teach my daughters and I learned Judo is a better choice. Because of your actions and disrespectful behavior, no one here or at other venues in Central PA is interested in hiring you as an instructor.
  6. I know who you are..... talking to my lawyer today.....
    Have a great one.
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