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  1. Hi Sochin, please support my petition to ban Humanzee on Ninjitsu cred thread, thanks!
  2. Hi Sochin, my new book is out now. Let me know if you are interested in having a free copy please? Thanks John
  3. Sorry 4 swearing at u spider man. I've not been very well, just that mental illness is a stickler to deal with. Also I'm not a racist, although I have got a habit for knowing when to say the wrong/right thing at the wrong/right time. Ok?.
  4. Sociology BA ft Derby uni. In september. Should be good.
  5. LOLZ. Do I come across as that judgemental?

    What's your degree course in?
  6. British pounds disability benefits. Don't start. Ive got a degree place in september so I am trying you know. Also another half to look after. Cheers.
  7. 200 what?
    'Cos, I've been fooled like that before.
    If it's Malaysian Ringitts, NO SALE!!!!
  8. Hi Sochin. 200 a week.
  9. Well, I think that's acceptable.
    How much does the job pay?
  10. Hi matey, wanna b friends??
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