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  1. It depends on the organisation...
    For first kyu, we did jiyu ippon kumite (I think... 1994, baby...) which is the free attack/defend one step stuff.
    We did 3x jodan, 3x chudan, 2x mae geri, 2 x mawashi geri, 2 x yoko geri kekomi & 2 x yoko geri keage, 2 x ushiro geri.
    Sweeps weren't compulsory... but were super-awesome points scoring.
    Kumite (sparring/real fighting) was a much bigger part of the syllabus. Hurrah.

    Timmeh is prepared to meet you at Newark. He has small legs.
  2. Does it...?
    I just mean kata and kumite..

    I am just ocnfused about the kumite really as I haven't practiced it that much, what are the sets for 1st kyu?
    We did this set which involves sweeps for every move. I think that might be for shodan though I'm not sure..

    Okayy, I shall ride all the way to LINCOLNSHIRE. On my trusty steed. And rescue TIMMEH. :]
  3. THE syllabus? It will vary from organisation to organisation.
    What are you struggling with? Maybe I can help.

    PS, Timmeh fears the envelope... you'll have to pick him up. On your horse.
  4. Awww. Timmyness! =[
    Just send him in teh catmail. I WANT HIM.

    Training is goood, but I missed a few weeks due to holiday and duties. I know the 3 katas I need now, just need to remember the kumite.. I go blank sometimes
    btw, Sochin, before you left Shotokan did you learn all the syllabus???
  5. He's wondering when you're coming to adopt him, as you've promised to do.
    He's packed all his belongings into a small case and waits each evening by the side of the road, his tiny cat heart broken. Poor Timmehlicious.

    How's training?
    Working hard?
  6. I don't have tentacles!!!

    I don't need to, I am strong. :D

    How is my kitty Timmy!?!!?
  7. LOL
    You have pink eye and swellings because of Sochin's gravy?
    Baaaaaaaaad Kohi.

    Srsly, girly, have you seen a doctor?


    I have other new symptoms though, like swollen neck.
    It's all gravy, sochin!!!
  9. LOL

    Who let you out?

    Have you still got pink eye?
  10. Hiiiiiiiiiii-YA.
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