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  1. Timmeh has given up on you. I'm having to enlist the aid of someone to feed him.

    The thing next to my name? I don't know what it is...

    It isn't scorpions, it's spiders and snakes.
    But, yes, I'll do my best to avoid being bitten.
  2. Well you do have a weird thing next to your name. ACK. ACK.

    Kkk, have fun, beware those killer scorpions, sleeping in your shoes!
  3. I have a weird thing next to my name? What?

    I'm visiting friends in LOLstralia. GKR don't like me.

    Timmeh says "ack". Which I'm pretty sure means "tease".
  4. Omfg, you have a weird thing next to your name.

    Why lolstrailia, are you going to train with gkr?

    Tell Timmeh I has cheezburgers.
  5. One step is fruity because it is fruity. It's like "Why is Yoda green?"

    Timmeh would like me to inform you that he does require food.

    I'm going to LOLstralia.
  6. :O why is one step fruity?

    Yes I would, but Timmeh is magic, he does not have to eat!
    And where are you going?
  7. LOL. Yes. belts, Japanese terminology, fruity one-step = traditional. Usually.

    Timmeh will live on.

    I'm going away for 3 weeks. can you come round every day and feed him, plz? Kthnx.
  8. We only use the Japanese terminology which is why I get messed up I's traditional or not, i don't know?

    But THANKS sochin. :D *hits head on wall*

    Soon, I will go on an epic journey to rescue TIMMEH. It may take many years, and he may be dead, but I will find him! :D
  9. Maybe you should look at some online terminology stuff, just to get your head around it.
    It will make it masses easier if you have a traditional sort of teacher who only uses the Japanese terminology.
    When I went back to a trad. Japanese art after years of no bowing and Japanesey stuff, it was confusing at first, but you soon get back into it. is a decent mix of terms and explanations.
    There's also a link to their syllabus.

    Timmeh doesn't know the way to Leicester. He's a cat.
  10. I think it is the names I am most confused about -_-;;

    We do the one step, and the one from just yoi.
    I guess, I shall just learn!

    WTF is Newark!?!
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