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  1. The meaning of sochin is lurrrve...
    LOLZ. No, srsly.
    Sochin (the kata) seems to have a few meanings, depending which source you look at. I've seen 'To keep the peace', 'to move into battle' 'immovable in the face of danger' ... I guess it's down to interpretation.
    As it applies to me: comes from the immovable/rooted sochin dachi (aka fudo dachi) and the fact that no-one could move me.

    What does Kohi mean? other than trouble ;-)
  2. Unsavourly bald sochin. :)

    What is the meaning of sochin? I don't know. To keep the peace?
  3. Oh, K-bobs, I don't need chocolate. I'm a savoury person.
    Actually, I'm unsavoury, but, you know...
  4. LOL.

    I basically got a chocolate mountain for my birthday. NOT GOOD. I will sell it to you a high price.
  5. Kohi!
    Happy birthday. I said it to your alter-ego, but she might not have passed on my best wishes!
  7. LOL. Australia's HUUUGE. Seriously, it is immense. Like... massive. True story.
    We spent like 4/5 days in a different part of the state... it took 7.5 hours to get there.

    Oh, I forgot about the emus!!! They be harsh. Arrrggghhhhh!

    As for the jiyu ippon kumite stuff... you just have to get it grooved so it is second nature.
  8. OMG I hate you (I don't really)

    Do you love it? :D
    That cat that ran on TOP of the water...

    And is Austrailia big? On tv it doesn't seem that big.

    Oh, and.. my Sensei thinks I am nearly ready for shodan, once I can remember everything well, so I may be before xmas. I'm just having trouble with jiyu ippon kumite set 5. The one with throws/sweeps. I can only remember the first 2 moves..
    When we do it with partners it's easier to remember but doing it shadow is just like ..............

    My pony is called Lady too!!!
  9. LOL. That made me smile.

    My friends here in Oz have a cat called Lady, although she only answers to FatPuss (but you have to pronounce it 'VattPosss' for full effect).

    I've seen kangaroos, koalas, camels, wallabies, lizards... lots of things just roaming around... no spiders, snakes or sharks!!!

    I WIN!!!
  10. Yes, spiders and snakes. LOLOL.

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